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About Us

ZARP is the Zoomer Accessibility & Remodelling Platform and has been developed with industry leaders in the Aging in Place, seniors’ care, accessibility and the digital UX industries. Our combined experience enables us to allow users to navigate the many paths they need to successfully meet their housing needs as they age and do so in a healthy positive way.

ZARP is powered by CARP and ZoomerMedia to lend a powerful spotlight onto Canadian’s desire to remain and live in their home and safely on their own for as long as they can.

zarp Zoomer Accessibility & Remodelling Platform

How We Work

The purpose of ZARP is to present the concepts, needs and information surrounding the concept of Aging or Living in place while connecting you to trusted professionals that have the specific skills to assist you in answering the fundamental questions of What, Who and How?

Upon your request you will be connected to a professional in your area who will contact you for a no obligation consultation.