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Livable Homes bathtubs with doors are the ideal solution for seniors and people with reduced mobility, Helping overcome the fear and difficulties of getting in and out of the bath, they eliminate the risk of fall.


Our walk-in-showers are tailored to fit your bathroom, allowing for a seamless switch between old and new. Fitted with sliding doors and a non-slip base, these showers are the ideal solution for an independent, assisted wash.


One of the worries about adapting your home is that we don’t want the home look too medical. Adapting the bathroom for safer independent living no longer means that your bathroom will have a medical look about . There are a number of cost effective styles and ranges that you can chose from . These options include :

– Stylish and functional walk in bath tubs with door access

– Walk in showers and wet rooms

– Bathroom tools of the highest quality

– Feel free to ask for a design of the senior bathroom

Never feel unsafe in your bathroom again with a range of stylish and affordable solutions.


Bathroom adaptations can come in different forms and styles, for example you can have a walk in shower installed instead of a bath tub or you can have your shower replaced with a walk in bath tub. Each case is different. From our experience the average cost of having a bathroom adapted in Canada for senior living ranges from $5000 to $25,000 depending on the specification and location of the existing bathroom.

How Can I Pay for my Renovation?

Bath Solutions designed according to your needs

You deserve the freedom to have your bath or shower peacefully and independently, without seeking help from anyone. Bathing time is something we should all be able to enjoy in private. However, slippery floors, large steps, and wet surfaces may mean seniors and people with reduced or limited mobility have trouble getting into and out of a bath or shower safely.

Creative bath solutions make bath time less of a challenge for those with reduced mobility. Easy access doors and non-slip bases make our elderly-friendly bathtubs the ideal solution, making bath time private, comfortable and stress-free. As it should be.

Specialists visit your home to evaluate your current bathroom. During their visit, the specialist will assess both your bathroom and your needs, allowing them to suggest the bath solutions that best suit your current and future needs. Sitting down with a specialist is also the perfect time to ask any questions you may have, including those relating to tax and social benefits for people with disabilities and whether you may be eligible.

Our end goal is for you to regain your independence thanks to a bathroom adapted to your specific needs. As such, we commit to being here throughout the entire process, whether for help, support, or expert advice.

Our unique method

Let Our Network of Experts take care of everything

Don’t worry about a thing, our network will take care of everything, from removing your old bathtub to fully installing your new bath solution.

We take care of everything for you

A free, no-obligation home assessment is essential to determining your needs and what will work best in your bathroom. When our specialist comes to your home, they spend time getting to know your current and future needs and ensure an installation would be feasible for your home. Only then do they give you a realistic, personalized quote for the solution that will truly make a difference.

We take care of everything for you

You don’t need to track down subcontractors or spend time requesting quotes. We remove your old bathtub ourselves and take care of any additional services that may be required to install your brand-new walk-in bathtub or shower cabin.

Fast and professional installation

Our network bathroom solutions will be fitted in as little as 2 to 4 weeks from project approval. Under normal circumstances, bathtub installations take only one day, and shower cabins up to 2 days, which means all building work will be quick and efficient, impacting your home life as little as possible.

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