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Their are plenty of opportunities withinthe emerging Aging in Place
sector,however it can be difficult and expensive to access those opportunities.


Speak Directly to Your Next Clients


ZARP is the Zoomer Accessibility & Remodelling Platform and has been developed with industry leaders in the Aging in Place, seniors’ care, accessibility and the digital UX industries.

Our combined experience enables us to allow users to navigate the many paths they need to successfully meet their housing needs as they age and do so in a healthy positive way.

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ZARP is focused on the Aging in Place sector and knows that you need to find
customers and they need to find you without having to spend effort and
energy piecing together multitudes of information. Potential Customers want
to hear about you and we will make those introductions

Powerful Partnership


ZARP provides a direct link to qualified customer leads within in a sustained and manageable budget allowing you to compete for projects with confidence.
Business matrixes will become visible and powerful allowing you to really focus
on your ROI.

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Closing Opportunities


Through the ZARP ecosystem your client introductions are made stronger giving you the best opportunity for closing successful business deals.

Sector Knowledge & Experience


Our team has extensive digital experience specific to this sector, knows the customer base and utilizes that experience to turn leads into sales.

ZARP is powered by CARP and driven by ZoomerMedia, trusted leaders in seniors advocacy and benefits programs in Canada.


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Leading simulator in Canada for aging in place  products Use the simulators to narrow down the entire market to the most suitable options for you. Benefit from our personalized follow-up, without commitments, to adhere to the best offer in an informed manner.