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The final or maybe the first question that everyone will have is, how do I pay for it?
Whether it is a device, a modification, technology, or homecare service.

Certainly, if you have made use of a financial adviser to this point of your life then the natural progression is to converse about the financial plan going forward and be realistic in the costs that accompany the suggested changes and services presented across this platform. These costs will include:


Starting to plan will ensure that any surprises that may happen will be mitigated and that there will be options to reduce and remove any potential risks.

There are some specific funding bodies that may support specific projects within the home like providing a device for stair safety or a washroom renovation. Many provincial or charitable funding bodies are under significant strain and oftentimes a well-produced budget outstrips any available funding or grants. Many government or charitable grants are means tested and almost by default, a Canadian homeowner, who has owned their home for several years is almost disqualified because of the equity in the home. When the remodelling becomes more involved is where other loan tools and financial advice become necessary.