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Age Safe™: Senior Home Safety Specialists™

Those who have Age Safe ®SHSS™ training are best able to identify the many potential dangers or concerns within the home as they pertain to the senior client. Our homes become our comfort zone and too well known to ourselves, and we often miss changes to the home’s integrity or small details that may lead to larger issues, especially around safety. Having an outside set of knowledgeable eyes provides insurance that small difficulties do not becomes larger ones.

A safety assessment will look at the obvious issues around fire and electrical safety, falls hazards, general home upkeep, lighting, security, accessibility, prescription safety and suggested home modifications.

Ensuring an initial assessment is completed provides a baseline to track changes and to ensure that safety within the home is maintained as physical and health issues change as well as keep tabs on any changes with the home itself.

This part of an assessment is environmentally focused, and it is still recommended that any information gathered here be in concert with a registered healthcare provider.

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