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CHBA Adaptiv Home Renovations

Canadian Home Builders’ Association is committed to educating their members on the expanding Aging in Place sector in Canada through their advocacy work and through their Adaptiv Home renovation training course.


The Adaptiv Home Renovation approach is a valuable and inclusive concept, focusing on making homes accessible and safe for individuals who wish to age in place or those with specific needs due to injuries or health conditions. It emphasizes the importance of creating homes that can adapt to changing circumstances, ensuring the well-being and quality of life of the occupants. 

Key elements of this approach typically include:

1. Safety and Accessibility Assessment:

A Qualified Adaptiv Home Professional assesses the home to identify potential safety hazards and areas that may need modification for accessibility.

2. Responsive Design Solutions:

Based on the assessment, the professional proposes design solutions that can improve safety and accessibility. These solutions can range from structural modifications to the installation of assistive devices and fixtures.

3. Customized Approach:

The solutions are tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the individuals or families living in the home. The goal is to ensure that the home can adapt to their changing requirements over time.

4. Inclusivity:

This approach serves a wide range of people, including those who have experienced sudden injuries, individuals with progressive health conditions, aging adults, and families caring for children with special needs.

5. Health and Well-being Focus:

By creating a home that adapts to the occupants' needs, this approach contributes positively to their health and well-being, supporting a higher quality of life.

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