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Home Assessment Experts / Senior Home Safety Specialists™

The home assessment is the starting point to assess your needs, safety, and healthy living concerns.

You know that you want to remain living in your home for as long as you can. This leads to the most often the starting questions of, what do I need to do? What changes do I need to make? How can I avoid any mistakes along the way?

A full home assessment can help ensure that future use of your home is tailored to your needs

Starting with a professional assessment within your home is the best way to start to identify the potential pitfalls, the small changes that can be made and identifying any major modifications, additions or strategies within your home that will meet your changing lifestyle needs.

If there are major modifications to be done because of a major health change or simply for planning purposes, then having an outside professional assessment completed is an inexpensive insurance policy to ensure that you are untaken the ideal scope of work for your needs

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