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The home assessment visit has only one purpose: to assess your stairs and understand your mobility needs.

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to use the stairs and are you considering moving to a single-storey townhouse or apartment without stairs? In addition to the costs associated with moving house, moving out of your home can be exhausting and emotionally taxing. A stairlift is a practical and economical solution that allows you to stay in your own home for longer.

A stairlift allows you to easily continue to use your existing stairs, which means you can reuse every part of your home. Buying this type of stair lift is therefore a good investment for your home, and will especially improve your enjoyment of life. However, a stairlift is a big purchase. That’s why you should carefully think about the following:

Before purchasing a stair lift, it is important to compare between several different stair lift models and suppliers. Comparing suppliers can be a long and expensive process, but is happy to help!


Knowledge is the key element in any life decision and oftentimes a home project that involves Aging in Place is made quickly and based on a life event where timing is of the essence. We understand this reality and we have created ……com to help in the process.
It is also our goal to spread the word about planning and understand your current situation and what potential can change.


It all begins with an assessment. An assessment from a qualified professional is an insurance policy that can ensure that the plans made, and the money spent is done in a thoughtful and diligent manner. A proper assessment of the user and the home is essential to provide the foundation by which the other team players can produce their solutions.

Oftentimes the assessment is overlooked to the detriment of a successful project. We believe the assessment is the building block from where to start.


Collectively our team has been working in the Aging in Place sector for 100 years. We have dealt with homeowners and clients at every level of their project from assessment to concept, to design, to installation, to completion. We have learned many things along the way and have developed a strong network of individuals and companies that help get the job done.

We remain stalworth in our commitment of making Living in Place a safe and enjoyable experience

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